Welcome – Borough of Susquehanna Depot, Northeast Pennsylvania 18847

The Borough of Susquehanna Depot, commonly referred to as just Susquehanna, is a quaint rural town in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The borough is nestled in a forested mountainside along the Susquehanna River.

Farms and mature forests of oak and maple surround us. The wide blue-stone sidewalks shaded by ancient maple trees, make a stroll through our Victorian era town an absolute pleasure. Susquehanna Depot is tranquil, beautiful and easy to get to.

Fall and Winter are great times to visit Susquehanna Depot. Autumn paints our mountainsides with splashes of vibrant colors. The variety of trees in our forests creates a wide range of colors that change throughout the season. Fall also signals hunting season. Susquehanna Depot is surrounded by thousands of acres of Pennsylvania State Game Lands.

Wildlife is bountiful, including wild turkey, grouse, squirrel, rabbit, black bear and whitetail deer. Hunters are welcome in our local establishments with some having special hours for early breakfasts or packed lunches to take on the hunt.

Winter brings it own special beauty. Leafless trees make stark silhouettes against the white snow. Downhill skiing is just a short distance away at Elk Mountain. Snowmobiling is also popular here with miles of trails along the Rails to Trails system. Winter weather does not keep our children indoors. You’ll see them out and about in the snow, building snowmen, sledding, and having snowball fights.

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5k Race Results

1309Steve EspositoM16:16.65:151M Open
2296Peyton JonesM16:31.25:201M 13-19
3601Daniel AdrionM17:09.05:321M 20-29
4615Kevin HeemanM17:26.35:382M 13-19
570Jeffrey RoodM17:40.15:421M 30-39
6132Stephen MazikiwichM18:05.45:502M 30-39
7246Alex McHughM18:21.55:553M 13-19
8623Matt RobinsonM18:43.16:023M 30-39
9286Austin GowM18:50.76:054M 13-19
10290Jason GoldmanM18:54.66:061M 40-49
1186Val WhiteM19:13.56:125M 13-19
12608Bethany BrownF19:15.76:131F Open
1359Kathleen GrausgruberF19:28.56:171F 30-39
14238John ZinconeM20:06.36:291M 50-59
15289Gary FancherM20:19.56:332M 50-59
16247Keri JonesF21:07.26:491F 20-29
1760Robert Lupo Jr.M21:24.96:542M 40-49
18620Morgan GormanM22:06.77:084M 30-39
1983Declan GiannoneM22:12.27:106M 13-19
20261Zizwe GrandesonM22:16.67:115M 30-39
21287Elizabeth SchaeferF22:18.87:122F 30-39
22618JD HeckmanM22:30.97:167M 13-19
23305Jared ThomasM22:41.77:196M 30-39
24612Robert MacLeanM22:42.67:207M 30-39
25611Ray CarpenterM22:57.77:248M 30-39
26299Mark GrahamM23:01.07:253M 50-59
27188Michelle BurkeF23:03.17:263F 30-39
28604Michael GravesM23:18.17:313M 40-49
29254Daniel BraunM23:23.97:332M 20-29
30269Jordan BoernerM23:45.97:403M 20-29
31603Darren WasielewskiM23:51.87:429M 30-39
32621Adam BrownM24:02.67:454M 50-59
3384D. GiannoneF24:08.47:471F 0-12
3495John ClarkM24:11.07:4810M 30-39
3585Peter GiannoneM24:19.07:514M 40-49
36192J. BurkeM25:14.18:081M 0-12
37180Joe BurkeM25:19.78:1011M 30-39
38624Kathy PurtellF25:28.98:131F 50-59
39110D. HennesseyM25:57.48:222M 0-12
40302Jeffrey HallM26:01.98:241M 60-69
41610Paula FitchF26:21.08:301F 60-69
42294John KopalekM26:50.78:402M 60-69
4392Lindsey BurdickF26:57.08:422F 20-29
4499Carson BeamerM27:02.38:438M 13-19
45113Kiera HennesseyF27:09.88:464F 30-39
46308Amanda ThomasF27:12.08:465F 30-39
4769Jack RoodM27:12.28:473M 60-69
4882Erin GiannoneF27:20.98:491F 40-49
4976Liza DooleyF27:23.08:506F 30-39
50622Ariel WeidlerF27:24.38:503F 20-29
51314Joseph BrienzeM27:26.38:5112M 30-39
5241Michelle VanAkenF27:53.39:002F 50-59
53115Sean HennesseyM28:07.19:0413M 30-39
5498Amy DahmF28:29.19:111F 13-19
55619Jeremiah TerwilligerM28:43.79:1614M 30-39
56616Renée evilleF28:49.29:184F 20-29
57617Frank HeckmanM28:57.39:2015M 30-39
5897Kelli KaneF29:05.99:232F 40-49
5991Chris ChaconaM29:11.39:254M 60-69
60614Kristen WalkerF29:13.59:267F 30-39
61103Strephanie MacDonaldF29:17.59:275F 20-29
62602Michael FicarroM29:19.29:275M 50-59
63288Jamie BoernerM29:35.29:334M 20-29
6456Richarrd RedmondM30:02.09:415M 60-69
6577Kerstin DooleyF30:24.39:482F 13-19
66101Michael LisowskiM30:30.09:506M 60-69
67291Michelle SchellF31:27.310:098F 30-39
6872Jennifer Bagnall-DroughtF32:05.810:213F 40-49
69282Susie BurchellF33:52.910:562F 60-69
70625Denise MedlarF34:20.211:054F 40-49
7157Francy WiggsF34:21.111:051F 70-99
72285A. WelchF34:48.711:142F 0-12
73109Jenna KrallF34:54.111:163F 13-19
74284Anonymous ParticipantF34:54.411:166F 20-29
75606Carisa HarrisF36:06.711:399F 30-39
76609Rose HendricksonF36:10.611:403F 60-69
7796Chris KaneM36:27.711:466M 50-59
7858Don WiggsM36:38.111:497M 60-69
79304Jennifer CloughF36:57.911:557F 20-29
80607A. HarrisF38:02.512:163F 0-12
8189Joanna SodenF38:03.312:175F 40-49
8290Bradley SodenM38:04.112:175M 40-49
83318Sarah BrienzeF38:39.312:2810F 30-39
8481Sue CrawfordF38:49.012:314F 60-69
85613Angela KussF38:51.512:326F 40-49
86117Pam HennesseyF38:52.912:335F 60-69
8767Ryan MartinM41:22.613:215M 20-29
8868Jessica DerrickF41:24.413:218F 20-29
8966Marissa DerrickF41:29.913:234F 13-19
90297Pam OvermeyerF42:21.713:406F 60-69
9162M. LupoF42:30.513:434F 0-12
9294Allison QueorF42:42.313:475F 13-19
93298Kathie WalburgerF42:42.313:4711F 30-39
94283Roberta ManningF43:13.313:5712F 30-39
95100Joanna RhoneF43:42.714:067F 40-49
96303Margaret SmithF43:42.914:063F 50-59
9788Margaret BiegertF45:01.314:314F 50-59
98300Steve BiegertM45:04.614:327M 50-59
99301Sarah BiegertF45:06.014:339F 20-29
10093Jackie GowF45:48.114:468F 40-49
10155Gary DayM46:31.915:018M 50-59
10274R. DroughtF47:04.315:115F 0-12
10371Pam BagnallF47:12.015:147F 60-69
10473A. DroughtF47:17.215:156F 0-12
10563Adrienne LupoF47:55.515:2813F 30-39
10661K. LupoM47:55.915:283M 0-12
107295Karen GrasgruberF55:18.817:519F 40-49
108605Jennifer GrausgruberF55:19.017:5110F 40-49
109293Diane KopalekF55:43.417:598F 60-69
11054Mia CancillaF56:04.718:056F 13-19
111292Mike BrownM56:05.818:066M 40-49
11278Becky KinneyF04:28.420:485F 50-59
11380Alyse KerrF04:30.920:4914F 30-39
11479Ben GillM04:33.020:4916M 30-39
115120Patrick SkellyM13:01.523:331M 70-99
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To contact us:
Susquehanna Borough
83 Erie Blvd., Suite A
Susquehanna, PA 18847
Phone: 570-853-3235
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